Welcome from THE Conference 2017 Organization Committee

We would like to welcome you to Towards Higher Education (THE) Conference 2017! When we embarked on this rigorous journey, we were well aware that the tradition to organize ELT events at both secondary and higher education institutions is well established in Turkey. We, however, have seen a need to focus specifically on what could and needs to be done in English preparatory programs. Needless to say, in these programs, English language instructors, administrators, professional development units, and syllabus and test designers strive to provide their students – usually in less than one year – with the necessary skills to cope with the requirements of their freshman courses, but also to create a work environment that makes it possible for the instructors to achieve this gargantuan task. Bridging this gap has always been a challenge, and now more so than ever, as Turkish universities are striving to attract international students, and are offering more and more courses taught in English. As Boğaziçi University School of Foreign Languages, for almost 60 years, we have been functioning as a bridge to lessen the gap that exists between secondary and higher education. Having seen the need to collaborate with other programs, researchers and practitioners worldwide, we have decided to organize a conference designed to address the theme of “bridging the gap.” And we would like to state how pleased we are at the positive response we have received from both the local and the international community. We worked hard to choose abstracts that are solidly based on current research, theory and/or practice and of high relevance to our conference theme together with their potential contribution to the field. We are very happy to be creating a common platform for national and international higher education institutions with preparatory programs to come together. We genuinely hope you will find the talks interesting and informative and leave the conference with ideas that will help you bridge the gaps in the way towards higher education in your own institutions.

Important Announcement about the Registration Fee

Dear Colleagues,

When we started organizing our Towards Higher Education Conference, we aimed to create a platform where EL instructors from all over the world could share and learn. However, universities in Turkey have been going through difficult times, especially after the latest budget cuts. Due to the high volume of emails we have received in the past two weeks regarding the regulations which limit universities' financial support for conference participation, we have decided to reduce our registration fee for non-presenting participants working in Turkey. From today onwards, in order to make this event accessible to everyone, non-presenting participant registration fee is going to be 150TL (on-site 200 TL). To register for the event, please go to: http://www.theconference.boun.edu.tr/registration.php

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